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BU Spring Open 2018 Table Tennis Championships

BU Spring Open 2018 Table Tennis Championships
2018-04-03 Jane Gao
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Sat. 3/31/18 14:00 to 21:30 EST
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Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center
915 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston MA 02215 USA
7814757565 WeChat: jane1gao email:gaolangjing@gmail.com
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Each player can choose up to 2 singles events
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Open Singles
Start at 6:00PM
1st Prize:$150. 2nd Prize: $100

16 $35.00
U1800 Singles
Start at 2:00PM
1st: T 2nd: T

12 $25.00
U1500 Singles
Start at 4:00PM
1st: T 2nd: T

24 $25.00
U1200 Singles
Start at 4:00PM
1st: T 2nd: T

24 $25.00
Unrated Singles
Start at 2:00PM
1st: T 2nd: T

12 $25.00
U4000 Doubles
Start at 6:00PM
$10 per player
1st & 2nd: Trophy

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TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE: Tournament Director – Langjing Gao, Tournament Referee – Liang Liung, Tournament Staff – Larry Bavly, Lawrence Cheung and Pingfan Xie (Peter). Umpire --Ed Toomey.
EQUIPMENT: 3 Joola Tables, 9 Stiga Tables, white DHS 40mm 3 Star Tournament balls. Only USATT-approved equipment will be used. Bring your own racket. Rubber must be USATT or ITTF approved. Some equipment will be available for sale during the tournament.
ELEGIBILITY: Open to the public. To receive the student discount, you must present a valid student ID when you sign in. We restrict entries to 2 events (doubles excluded) per player to ease the match-scheduling process.
RULES AND CLOTHING: All USATT rules and the USATT dress code apply (see www.usatt.org/rules) One side of your racket must be bright red and the other must be black. No white shirts. No black-soled shoes.
HOW TO ENTER: Please fill in this form and make the payment online. The deadline is Mar 28th, 2018. Making payment after that deadline will incur a $10 late fee. For payment, we accept cash, checks, Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle. You will receive a receipt by email after the payment.Please sign the attached waiver form in the receipt and bring it to the tournament.
DIRECTIONS and PARKING: We recommend you take public transportation to Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center. Take the Green "B" Line to the St. Paul Street station. If you drive, you can park in the garage of Agganis Arena, 925 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA. ($2/Hour, $14 Max)
You can also checkBU parking information.
FORMAT AND SCHEDULE: All events are Round Robin to Single Elimination, and the number of entries for each event will be capped at 24 to prevent delays as seen in past tournaments. Ideally, RR groups will have 3 to 5 players, and the top player will advance to the SE. However, the tournament committee reserves the right to make changes in the format depending on time constraints. All matches are best-of-five 11-point games, except for Open Single Final, which is best-of-seven 11-point. Please check in at the registration desk at least 15 minutes prior to the start time of your first event. You only need to check in once, even if you have multiple events starting at different times. All events will finish in the evening. All decisions of the tournament committee are final.
RATINGS: For the purposes of event eligibility and seeding, we will use your Ratings Centralrating if you have one. Failing that, we will use your USATT rating, USATT League rating or NCTTA rating, if you have one. Failing that, you are “unrated”. All matches will be rated by by Ratings Central. Ratings will be available about a week after the tournament at www.ratingscentral.com
UNRATED PLAYERS: If you do not have a USATT-related rating or a Ratings Central rating, then you are “unrated”. The tournament is designed to accommodate players of all levels; unrated players are encouraged to enter. Unfortunately, unrated players will not advance to the single-elimination bracket even if you win your group in the Under 1200 through Under 1800 singles. You will advance, if you win, in the Open, Unrated, and Under 4000 Doubles. If you are playing with a rated doubles partner, your doubles team is considered unrated. You do not have to enter the Unrated event, but you must enter at least one singles event other than the Unrated event. We suggest you enter two singles event, otherwise your resulting rating is likely to be less accurate. If you have no idea what your level is, we suggest you enter the Unrated Singles and Under 1200 events. The purpose of these rules is to make the tournament fair to rated players, while providing the opportunity for unrated players to play rated players. After you play in your first tournament you will become rated and be able to advance in any division that you play in in the future!

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