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Wechat business user can use this WeForm to create Party WeForm or other WeForms of similar usage. The process is listed below:
  1. go to the bottom of this page, click Copy this WeForm to create a new WeForm, then click confirm(确定)
  2. On the new page, clickCreate WeForm(创建微表) to edit your WeForm
    • Edit WeForm Title, Form Image, Form Descriptions, and other information
    • Set starting time of your party(lecture, meeting, etc) at Event Starts, and ending time at Event Ends
    • Set registration deadline at Form Ends
    • Set party location, contact information at Location
    • Edit party information, such as activities, speech topics, introduction of speakers, etc.
    • Edit ticket information. You can add a new question by clicking Copy Question, or delete one by clicking Clear Question
    • Edit party organizer information at About Orgainzer
    • Edit payment methods (if any), Subdomain information at Other Settings
  3. Cancel all the words above, edit your own party description, and edit the WeForm party registration process below, then click Save Weform to publish the WeForm. You can click domain.weform.net to preview your weform.
We organize this party through WeForm, the process is listed below:
  1. Fill in the number of people you will join, specify the details, then submit the WeForm
  2. Finish the payment based on the method you choose
  3. Go to the party location in the right time, keeping the confirmation email in your phone to speed up checking in.

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Q: What is WeForm?
A: WeForm is a smart online form system to connect people. It could be used for event registration, e-commerce & survey etc. Integrated with social network such as WeChat and Facebook, WeForm is a powerful tool to collect user information and interact with billions of users.

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