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Help Center -> Product Info -> Thread: Guide - Recharge Tera using Funny card
Guide - Recharge Tera using Funny card
Last Updated: Apr 04, 2015 18:13 PM

Please enter the official tera website and follow the steps below to log in and recharge your game:

Step 1: View payment options:

Step 2: Select payment option. We suggest you buy two 10,000 point cards to pay monthly fee at one time. After clicking, you will be transferred to the log in page.

Step 3: After logging in, you will be on the payment page. Select Funny card as your payment method:

Step 4: Click the button on the far right to show the 2nd card inputs. Enter two 10,000 point cards and click balance button behind to check card balances.

Step 5: After verifying your card balances, check agreement box and submit payment:

Step 6: Payment succeeds. You may confirm by viewing your payment history.


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