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Help Center -> Product Info -> Thread: Guide - Recharge Tera using Oncash card
Guide - Recharge Tera using Oncash card
Last Updated: Apr 04, 2015 18:03 PM

Please enter the official Tera website and follow the steps below to log in and recharge your game:

Step 1: View payment options:

Step 2: Select payment option. We suggest you buy two 10,000 point cards to pay for one time 30 day monthly fee. You will be transferred to the log in page.

Step 3: After logging in, you will be on the payment page. Select Oncash card as your payment method:

Step 4: 

Step 5:

Step 6: Enter two 10,000 point cards to purchase 30 day time (click the button on the right to show the 2nd card input) and click verifying button behind to check card balances (remember to do this after you enter both cards).

Step 7: After verifying your card balances, check agreement box and submit payment:

Step 8: Payment succeeds. You may confirm by viewing your payment history.


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