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波士顿浙江人<font color=red>2018 元宵节potluck 联欢晚会</font>报名表

波士顿浙江人2018 元宵节potluck 联欢晚会报名表
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Sat. 3/10/18 18:30 to 21:30 EST
411 Waverley Oaks Rd #214
Waltham MA 02452
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尽管今年的冬天特别寒冷,外面也还是白雪皑皑,但天寒地冻挡不住春天的脚步,2018 中国农历新年就要很快到来了!我们波城浙江人微信群作为波士顿地区最大的浙江老乡群,提前向各位老乡拜年!祝大家新年快乐,万事吉祥如意!也为了让大家可以一起庆新春,叙乡情,我们将特举办2018 元宵联欢会。

Potluck, 文艺演出,灯谜竞猜,击鼓传花等。

自带菜: $5/人,不带菜: $20/人;3岁以下儿童free!


如果你愿意资助或做义工,请联系Judy: 781-2667150

Read carefully before you start:
报名流程 (Registration procedures):
  1. 填写报名者信息和您家最拿手的美食信息后提交微表; (Fill your information and your food category, and submit)
  2. 聚会当天携带您的美食,提供您的微表编号入场。 (Bring your food to the party.)
百家宴大餐美食通知和注意事项 (Need to know)
  1. 食物量一定要大,要充足!(Your food must be enough for 2-3 times of your own participants)
  2. 请大家把准备的菜名写在卡片上带来,到时放在菜前面。(Please write your food name on a card and bring it with you)
  3. 请带海鲜或美食中有易过敏物如鸡蛋,花生,各种nuts,请一定注明,以防万一。(Please indicate if your food contains see food, egg, nuts)
  4. 如家里有serving spoon,或勺子,请label 好最好能带上,于你的菜放在一起。最后别忘了带回去。(If your food requires serving spoon, please bring one with you)
  5. 有食物过敏体质的,请一定小心谨慎,为自己负责!谢谢!(Be careful if you or your kids have food allergy!)

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By checking below I forfeit all right to bring a suit against the party Organizer. I will take full responsibility to any injury that may occur to me and my family members. I also take full responsibility for the foods I take in and be responsible for the allergy that my family member may have.
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Inquiry: I had paid #30 ticket via PayPal, why still sent me an email stating not paid? I will print the transaction receipt to bring with me tonight. Thanks - 2018-03-10 09:24 283Days 19Hours 15Minutes
Inquiry: Just paid from paypal, $60 for 3 people. Sorry forgot to mention #38 Potluck18.- 2018-03-09 23:20 284Days 5Hours 18Minutes
Inquiry: Two adults and two kids. - 2018-03-04 16:11 289Days 12Hours 28Minutes
Inquiry: Money sent via paypal, please check.- 2018-02-06 19:34 315Days 9Hours 5Minutes

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