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Help Center -> Order Status -> Thread: Why didn't I get my instant order after payment?
Why didn't I get my instant order after payment?
Last Updated: Mar 03, 2015 15:01 PM

Although most of CN-USA orders are delivered instantly after completed payments, it's possible to delay for minutes or hours due to the following reasons:
  • Your order may exceed your buying limit and requires manual handling, which usually takes 24 hours.
  • If you have used PayPal eCheck payment, it requires 3-5 business days to clear the payment and your order will be delivered automatically when it's cleared.

  • Your order may be filtered into your bulk folder of your email account such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. Please check out this folder or you can log in CN-USA account to view your order details.
  • Due to network conditions, PayPal Instant Payment Notification(IPN) may be delayed for minutes or hours to reach CN-USA.com server. Please wait patiently for PayPal IPN to arrive or contact your seller for the manual delivery.


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