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Payment Setting
Currency Code
Reminding Message
Require Pay Within minutes.
Automatically cancel submission after required payment deadline.

Please check your accepted payment method and enter your account information. * WeForm Payment will be enabled if you check payment method but didn't enter your own account. WeForm will accept and update your payments and credit your balance.
PayPal Send
Please Link Email to set up your PayPal IPN.
WeChat Pay
WeForm Balance Instantly accept user's balance.

  1. If you use your own payment or WeForm balance, there is a Seller Fee of 0.9% + $0.19 per payment.
    Check here to ask buyers to pay this Seller Fee.
  2. If you use WeForm Payment such as credit card, there is a Gateway Fee of 4.9% + $0.49 per payment.
    Check here to ask buyers to pay credit card processing: 2.9% + $0.39 per payment.
  3. When you withdraw your balance, there is a Withdrawl Fee of 0.9% + $0.99 per request.

WeForm Special - Share2Earn Discount & Bonus
Use discount and bonus to encourage sharing! Just enter an amount or percentage after price. You agree to pay Share2Earn bonus when buyer pays. This bonus is shared among 1st sharer (40%), 2nd sharer (40%) and WeForm (20%). Any owner doesn't earn bonus and any remaining bonus belongs to WeForm. more

Subscription Option
Enter Question No after # below to personalize subscription.
Subscribe every #
Start Date # mm/dd/yyyy
End Date # mm/dd/yyyy or number of periods
Trial Amount #
Trial Period #

Other Settings
Domain or .WeForm.net
Share With Email Seperate by , if more than one
Owner Unlinked owner.
Show Statistics
Total Quantity Limit for all coutable fields.
Quantity Minimum for each submission.
Quantity Maximum for each submission.
Total Price Limit for all price coutable fields.
Price Minimum for each submission.
Price Maximum for each submission.
Total Submission Limit total submission.
Default Status
More Options Allow Repeated Submission
Only Allow Submission on WeChat
Set as private
Disable public page
Disable edit after payment is completed
Disable edit after status is changed from default
Disable edit after deadline is passed
Auto submit & save WeForm
Prevent being copied
Disable owner notice email
Use Inventory System

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